Facebook-beakerThe UU Growth Lab, a group on Facebook, was created to serve as a free space and think tank for Unitarian Universalist Change Agents, primarily within the Unitarian Universalist Association though we are not exclusive. In early 2011  Peter Bowden launched the lab in response to minister colleagues expressing that they didn’t feel safe sharing opinions on a public blog (Peter’s UU Growth Blog) that might go against institutional norms, power structures and so on.  Peter had also read the book Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard which discusses the need to create a space for reformers to gather, exchange ideas and organize.  Once created. it took less than a day for 50 people to join the lab.  In three months membership hit 500, today it is nearly 1,200 with membership slowing since we’ve moved to a more private group to keep out spam accounts. Looking for fellow Unitarian Universalists to talk UU growth issues with?    Please join us!


welcomeFacebook has three levels of privacy for groups – open, closed, and Secret. Our group is technically a “secret” group because we do not want conversation visible to non-members, we do not want Facebook to be promoting the group via suggested groups, and we want to avoid spam.  When Facebook started promoting groups in its web sidebar, we started getting people in the group who wanted to share spam, were not Unitarian Universalists, were looking for other kinds of growth, or were not interested in the depth of conversation and positive culture that characterizes the UU Growth lab.   If  YOU ARE  interested in our group, we’d love to have you join us.  This includes UU leaders who want to just listen and learn.

How to Join the UU Growth Lab

To join the lab you must be added by someone in the group.   If you have a friend in the group, ask them to add you, or simply complete the form below and  Peter Bowden will send you an invitation to join via email from within the group.  It is a slight logistical hurdle, but we decided it was worth it to protect all of our time and the quality of this shared space.


Posting Guidelines

  • Please limit posts to DISCUSSION of Unitarian Universalist growth issues.  Discussion! That means questions.  If your post doesn’t include a question in it, you’re missing the point.
  • If no attempt is made to start a discussion, the post will be subject to immediate deletion.
  • All announcements and random links without an attempt to start a conversation will be deleted on sight. A link to the coolest UU growth resource ever shared without an attempt to start a conversation does not meet our posting guidelines. You need to share why you are posting it,  what your thoughts are on the subject, and/or ask a thoughtful question.
  • No solicitation even for the most fabulous of UU projects in the lab.
  • Posts violating nature of the lab will be deleted and you will be tagged in a comment explaining why.
  • The lab was created and is managed by me, Peter Bowden, and I tend to be trigger happy with the post deletion.  If I can’t tell the UU growth connection I will delete it.  So be clear.
  • When commenting on posts, do not share your opinion in ways that shut down conversation.  Sharing your opinion in ways that make it clear you think people with an opposing opinion are idiots inhibits further discussion.  We want your opinion, but try including phrases like “In my opinion” and “Can you tell me more about why you think….”

Notification Setting

Once in the group, I recommend that you go to the groups page – just search your Facebook for UU Growth Lab — and click the EDIT SETTINGS button at the top right of the page.  This will allow you to adjust your notification settings. This is a very active group.  Decide whether you want Facebook to inform you of new posts.  If you are getting too many messages from the group, just turn of the notifications and visit the lab when you are so moved. Easy!

Group Administration

Community Manager:  Peter Bowden
Group Admins:   Peter Bowden and Tandi Rogers