UU Growth Lab in the Blogosphere

UU Growth Lab inspired posts have started appearing.  Here’s the first batch as collected by the amazing site, uupdates.net, plus a few shared in the lab.

Answering the Call for Young Adults & Congregations
The UU Growth Lab on Facebook this week has been buzzing about shifting congregations where there are few or no young adults to ones that are vibrant multigenerational communities with many young a…
Posted on City of Refuge (Site / Info) on Wednesday March 23, 2011
Metaphors matter
Human beings need images to think about complex things. We need to simplify and compare and picture in order to hold a multifaceted concept and we need such images even more if we are to successful…
Posted on Throw yourself like seed (Site / Info) on Thursday March 17, 2011
A Metaphor for Unitarian Universalism?
Yesterday in the UU Growth Lab we started discussing metaphors for Unitarian Universalism and our congregations.  My favorite so far is “a base camp for life’s expedition” shared by Rev. Andrew Pak…
Posted on The UU Growth Blog (Site / Info) on Thursday March 17, 2011


Change agent, know thyself
About ten days ago, Peter Bowden of the UU Growth Blog created a Facebook Group called the UU Growth Lab.  It’s an understatement to say that the group has grown rapidly:  today there are 279 members, and several spin-off groups. Connecting with that many people passionate about the growth of Unitarian Universalism has been incredibly energizing.
Why I do the social media for our congregation
So I do the social media for our congregation.  I don’t do anything with the website, but I do our facebook page and our twitter and just started up a congregational tumblr account.  I’ve been trying to keep our facebook page active throughout this year.

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